Recreational Tax

As of Jan 2016 Oregon imposed a 25% sales tax on recreational marijuana. The tax will eventually drop to 17% once the OLCC assumes control over recreational marijuana sales later this year. Our prices have not changed, but tax will be added at check out.

Recreational purchasing at Gräs

Starting July 1st all adults 21+ can posses 8oz of marijuana at home, 1oz in public & grow up to (4) plants in their home.

Starting Oct 1st all adults 21+ can purchase up to 7g of dried marijuana, seeds & clones from medical marijuana dispensaries. The 25% tax on recreational use will be waived until Jan 4, 2016. This tax break is for the public to familiarize themselves with purchasing legally in a retail environment!

*You cannot purchase concentrates or medical edibles until regulation around those products is decided. Public sale should start Jan 4, 2016